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Winchester 1200 and 1300 Manuals and the Legendary Riot Barrel

If you saw my post with the Sears Model 200 manual and thought maybe it was lacking with some information you needed for your own model 200 shotgun, this post might help. Since Winchester made the 200 for Sears working off it's new 1964 shotgun model(the 1200), checking out the Winchester 1200 manual may help with operation and disassembly and cleaning of the Sears 200. There is very little difference between the Winchester 1200 and it's successor the 1300 so I also included the manual of the 1300. Keep in mind that plenty of parts are interchangeable between the 1200 and the 1300. I have included an example of a combination down below. I hope these manuals can be of help to the many shotgun lovers of the world.

Pictured above is a Winchester Model 1200 from 1980. It has it's original ultra rare RIOT barrel. Take a good look at the Winchester markings on the barrel. If you find a short barrel like this on a Winchester 1200 and it is not stamped as such you have a chopped down barrel. The spread of lead out of the shotgun with standard birdshot is quite impressive. I personally was able to dust two simultaneously thrown sheet with that setup using one shot. It was awesome.

The rear stock is an original Winchester 1300 walnut stock with an English style straight grip. It is checkered with a regular finish, and has a recoil pad with Winchester logo. This forend is a Winchester 1300 walnut forend with checkering and a regular finish.

The original stock was in excellent shape but it was super plain. The Winchester 1200 stocks had a blocky appearance which translated over to the Sears shotguns produced by Winchester. The stocks on the Winchester 1300's are much sleeker especially on the forends.


Winchester 1200 owners manual


Winchester 1300 Manual


Until next time, take it easy.


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